HS6008 High Speed washer extractor

HS6008 High Speed washer extractor

Product Information

8 kg capacity

Coin, Logi, Logi Pro versions
Diam.of drum 536 mm
Volume of drum 79,2 dm3
Dimensions 1080x685x700 mm
Electric, hot water and steam heating
PCS: 0
In Stock: Yes


The key factors to your business:
  • High speed industrial spin washing machines (up to 1,000 rpm).
  • 100% free standing (no need for any kind of anchoring).
  • A quality washing process optimising water, energy and chemical products.
  • A saving in the drying process due to its spin factor of over 300 G.
  • Wide-ranging possibilities with an easy and intuitive programming (see controls).
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • A monitoring solution for every requirement:
    • Coin: For coin-op laundries. Makes it possible to work with different payment systems (vending, coin or button) and is very user-friendly.
    • Logi: For commercial laundries. Allows the user to program all the washing settings. LOGI control incorporates the Just in Load function, which adjusts the water consumption and the dispensing time according to the program selected and the weight of the load.
    • Logi Pro: designed for commercial laundries: easy to programme, allowing the programming of up to 25 made-to-measure programs.
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