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The batch washer that proves that simplicity can be effectiveness. It has all the basic features, offering very good performance, high yields and minimum maintenance.

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  • Independent pre-wash, wash, rinsing and neutralising phases.
  • Two recovery tanks: the main tank and another in the extraction press area.
  • An electronic flow control system for water inputs.
  • Steam in all the washing modules.
  • Thermostop and de-sanding function.
  • Suitable for general washing applications, industrial laundering, catering, residences, resorts, hotels, etc.
The key factors to your business:
  • The versatility and adaptability of the GIRBAu batch washer allows you to obtain the desired profitability and results, since it adapts to your laundry’s present and future requirements.
  • Lower consumption: It incorporates an integrated water re-circulation and recycling system that makes it possible to use the water up to three times. In addition to reducing water consumption, it also reduces energy consumption.
  • Less clogging: Transferring the load through a large central opening by rotating the drum prevents any risk of blockage. This eliminates incidents and down time.
  • Longer lasting fabrics: Transferring through a central aperture prevents the linen from tangling, ensuring a gentle treatment even when an intensive washing process is applied.
  • Greater management control: The Batch Washer Managing Tool (BMT) software makes it possible to control all the elements that make up the washing system (load, batch washer, extraction press and dryers) integrally.
  • Greater reliability: The batch washer has Girbau Remote Support factory installed. This system allows the Girbau technical service to diagnose incidents in any of the batch washer’s components remotely.
  • Less maintenance: automatic greasing.



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