PLMULT Multi-Lane Cross-Folder

PLMULT Multi-Lane Cross-Folder

Product Information

  • Folding and stacking small items
  • 3 or 4 lanes
  • Connected to FL Series folder output
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A multi-lane folder for the automatic folding and stacking of small linen items (napkins, dishcloths, pillowcases, etc.) on 3 or 4 lanes.
In order to operate connected to the output of an FL series folder, it withdraws pneumatically when the FL folder is required to work on 1 or 2 lanes.
Performs a cross-fold and groups together the number of items selected per program in a stack.
Can be configured with a common output for all the stackers.
The extraction conveyors are fitted with a receiving table at the output. This table can be lifted off and the bottom primary fold table used for manual cross-folding.
Automatic selection of dirty/torn linen can be added.
Items of linen of up to 1;100 X 450 mm
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