COMPACT600 Ironing System

COMPACT600 Ironing System

Product Information

Roller diameter 600mm
Electric, gas, steam heating
Lengths 2600-3300 mm
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“5 in 1”: Feeding, Ironing, Drying, Folding and Stacking.
Standard option:
1 or 2 primary folds on 1 or 2 equal lanes + 1, 2 or 3 cross-folds on 1 lane.
The primary folds are performed using an air blowing system The cross fold is performed on a single cross lane.
Multiline option:
1 or 2 folds on 1 or 2 lanes (4 lanes option)+ 1, 2 or 3 cross-folds on 1 lane, or 1 or 2 cross-folds on 2 lanes.
The cross folding of 1 to 3 folds is performed on one single middle lane or on two lanes, 1 or 2 folds.
The key factors for your business:
5 functions in one single machine: feeder*, ironer, dryer, folder and stacker* (*optional).
Space saving: allows laundries with little space to have a complete flatwork ironing system.
Perfect synchronisation: integrating functions into a single piece of equipment ensures efficient operation of the flatwork ironing system.
Energy saving: a carefully designed ironing temperature control system allows the energy used during this process to be optimised.
Ergonomic and easy to use: all the Compact’s functions are controlled by a single touch screen that is easy to understand and to use. In the event of any alteration during the process, informative alarms on the screen locate the point where the problem has occurred.
Better feeding: An on-table vacuum system helps to stretch the linen taut, thereby ensuring perfect ironing.
By pass: to control the output and the number of folds on the article.
Small item collector.
Dirty linen selector.
Side stacker.


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