How to manage proper maintenance of the machines in a commercial laundry

Proper maintenance helps to keep equipment in good condition, save time and money, and prevent possible operating problems.

Corporate 2021-02-22 by Girbau

How to run your business remotely and the importance of connectivity

At Girbau we work so that our customers can enjoy the latest innovations in connectivity and technology to boost their businesses.

Corporate 2021-02-04 by Girbau

Remote management software: run your vended laundry from home

Run a business that does not require its owners to be present for much of the time

Vended 2021-04-28 by Girbau

The keys to success in a vended laundry business

High profitability, the use of new technology and ease of management have driven growth in an expanding sector.

Vended 2021-02-03 by Girbau

Washing machines and dryers: choose the right equipment for your laundry

After making a full business plan to confirm the viability of your project comes one of the most decisive moments: choosing the machinery

Vended 2021-04-21 by Girbau

How To Create An Efficient Laundry

We argue in favor of creating sustainable and efficient laundries through our solutions and laundry services department.

Corporate 2021-01-12 by Girbau

Business plan for a vended laundry

You will find the essential points you must include in the business plan for a laundry

Vended 2021-04-14 by Girbau

How to choose the right commercial washing machine depending on the type of laundry

The success and, above all, the profitability of a laundry will depend on the correct choice of equipment.

Corporate 2020-12-18 by Girbau

The Four Most Common Problems In Industrial Laundries And How To Avoid Them

A laundry is a business and, like any successful enterprise, strives to achieve the best possible return on its investments.

Corporate 2020-11-25 by Girbau

Feasibility study: is your vended laundry model profitable?

factors to consider to know if the business approach of the vended laundry is profitable

Vended 2021-04-07 by Girbau

Disinfection As An Ally In All Cleaning Processes

Disinfecting textiles is key to ensuring viruses and bacteria are eliminated properly. Learn about the importance of disinfection process.

Corporate 2020-11-23 by Girbau

Location: a key factor in the success of your vended laundry

Your choice of location will largely determine the success of the business

Vended 2021-03-31 by Girbau

How To Create Safe Laundries To Ensure Optimal Disinfection And Washing Processes

Know the factors and circumstances affecting successful washing and disinfecting process

Corporate 2020-11-13 by Girbau

How to launch a vended laundry: good advice is essential

When you take on a project like a vended laundry there are many factors to take into account, but perhaps one of the most basic ones is advice

Vended 2021-03-24 by Girbau

Vended laundry: a business that won't take up too much of your time

Dedication time is less than in other types of businesses

Vended 2021-03-17 by Girbau

Welcome To The Girbau Blog, Where We Share Our Know-how To Back The Professional Laundry Business

We aim to help the professional laundry market to play an active part in combating COVID-19 virus.

Corporate 2020-10-20 by Girbau

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