Value-added services to boost the performance of your vended laundry

Value-added services to boost the performance of your vended laundry

You've decided to set up a business. It's very exciting because you know all that it means: a project that belongs to you, that connects with your values and gives you the freedom to live the way you want. 

Perhaps one of the ideas you're considering is opening a vended laundry because:

If this is the case, in this article you can find some extra services to add to your vended laundry to maximise the performance of this highly profitable business.

Additional services for a vended laundry

When the idea is to set up a vended laundry, it is common to consider what kind of additional services can be offered to clients, because apart from washing and drying linen there are many ways to boost the profitability of the business.

Below we will look at some of the most worthwhile additional services for a vended laundry.

Ironing service

This is a service that is very popular with vended laundry users. Like this, not only do they take home clean, dry linen, but they can also pick it up ironed and folded, ready to use. While this extra service involves having staff in the laundry, it can be highly profitable.

Sewing service 

Like ironing, offering a sewing service can be an attraction for some clients who require small alterations or repairs. Having this service in the same place as they take their linen will make many clients use this service when they need it.

Pick-up service

In some cases, it is especially profitable to add a pick-up service. With a branded van, the laundry can call at its clients' homes and nearby businesses requiring this service. 

Drop-off service

In this case the client comes to the laundry with their linen, but leaves it to the staff to put it through the washing machine and dryer. Like this the client just has to come back to the laundry to pick up their clean, dry linen without having to wait on the premises.

Sale of bags and other accessories for handling linen

There are many clients who might need some accessory for looking after their linen, from bags to keep or carry it in more conveniently to other products such as:

  • hangers

  • racks

  • scented sachets for the wardrobe

  • linen organisers

Vending machines

An additional service for vended laundries that never fails is, without a doubt, installing vending machines selling snacks, soft drinks or coffee. The waiting time while their wash finishes often leads people to consume items of this kind.

Gaming machines

Another possibility is to add a gaming machine for adults or children, to entertain them while they wait. This extra service will certainly be a highly worthwhile source of revenue for the owners of the laundry.

Bar or cafeteria

Finally, why not have a small bar and some tables for your clients to have a drink? This is a highly attractive concept, and the two businesses can fit together perfectly.

Ideas for setting up a laundry

If all these services are not enough for you, bear in mind that in your vended laundry you can also add features to make it different and meet the needs of different kinds of clients, for example:

  • A special washing programme for people who do sports could be used as a selling point. In this case it would be a question of a short wash, ideal for people who do sports often and always need their clothing clean and dry.

  • Another possibility is to assign one of the washing machines to pet linen only. This service meets the needs of many people who do not want to wash these items at home. As well as attracting the large section of the public who are animal lovers, assigning a washing machine in this way also means the other machines do not get dirty.

Succeeding in the vended laundry business

As we have seen, the vended laundry business is profitable, flexible and has great prospects. It also offers many possibilities in terms of adding a wide variety of additional services.

However, for your idea to take shape and clear up any doubts you might have, you can always consult a trusted supplier. The advice experts in the business can give you will help to make your vended laundry a real success.

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