Dryer ST-100
Dryer ST-100


  • Drying linen is easy, fast and economical with the ST-100. Its high performance heating and its exclusive Spirotilt system ensure the linen is well positioned and there is optimum penetration of hot air.
  • Hard-wearing: The dryer’s sturdy structure ensures that your equipment is reliable and very low maintenance.
  • Easy to unload: The Spirotilt system unloads the linen automatically with the turbine halted and without having to indicate the machine.
  • INFRARED: The infrared temperature detection system allows you to adapt each cycle to each load, thereby consuming only the time and energy required.
  • Drying quality: Programming the drying time and intensity for each load ensures the linen has the desired softness and springiness.
  • ECOFLOW: The gas version incorporates a built-in air recirculation system.

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ST-100 ST-100
ST-100 ST-100
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