Cleaning services

Cleaning services

The increasing hygiene levels demanded of cleaning firms has gradually led to a search for more hygienic and practical cleaning methods. Cleaning systems with mops for wet or dry floor cleaning are gaining ground progressively.

This system avoids having to drag heavy cleaning carts with buckets of water that have to be renewed. In addition it ensures hygiene: it uses a clean mop head for each area to be cleaned, thereby avoiding the transfer of dirt from one area to another.

Girbau has a quick and easy solution for cleaning firms, and offers you washing machines prepared for laundering mops and dusters. Operators only need to insert the mop heads into the washing machines, and in less than one hour they are ready to be used again, with the degree of moisture required.

And if the dry cleaning method is used, we complete the equipment with a dryer that will leave the mop heads completely dry.

Consult GIRBAU and the sales engineering staff. They will carry out a project custom-made to your needs.