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Primary schools, play schools and day care centres generate a considerable amount of linen (bibs, towels, sheets, blankets and smocks) that needs dealing with adequately to guarantee hygiene for the children. Girbau has the right equipment to meet laundry needs easily and profitably. Benefit from the advantages of having a Girbau Kit:

  • Save time. Thanks to the greater capacity of industrial machines and their shorter washing and drying cycles, the establishment's linen is always clean and ready to use.
  • Minimum use of water, power and detergents. Girbau washing machines are also water extractors and remove moisture from linen very effectively, making the job of the dryer easier. The less residual moisture there is in towels, the less drying time they need, with the consequent energy savings.
  • Easy to use. Any one of the staff can wash the clothes quickly without any complications.
  • Installing the machinery is quick and easy. No bolting down required.
  • The laundry equipment can be installed in a small space.
  • Linen never leaves the school, thus avoiding losses in transit.

Consult GIRBAU and the sales engineering team will prepare a design tailored to meet your needs.

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