Girbau and Seidor present the "Indtech challenge", an initiative aimed at start-ups
The aim is to develop ground-breaking solutions for the value chain in the industrial sector
Girbau and Seidor present the

Girbau and Seidor presented the Indtech Challenge, initiative, a business collaboration scheme set up jointly with the aim of identifying and connecting with start-ups whose solutions make it possible to transform the value chain in the industrial sector.

The Indtech Challenge launch was introduced by Miquel Martí, managing director of Barcelona Tech City; and attended by Pere Girbau, CEO of Girbau; Mariona Sanz, Girbau Lab director; Eduard Farga, Seidor’s Deputy Managing Director; and Albert Siré, Seidor innovation manager.

“Indtech Challenge is a joint venture by Girbau and Seidor which sets out to attract start-ups to do business together. Girbau and Seidor are two international companies, strong leaders and decision-makers on their markets. Indtech Challenge enables start ups to have access to Girbau and Seidor's industrial know-how and markets. This initiative is part of Girbau's strategy to promote open innovation as a mechanism for adapting to the market and to foster innovation in the company culture,” declares Pere Girbau.

 “This initiative reinforces Seidor's strategic commitment to backing digital transformation and innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises as a driver for competitiveness and growth,” explains Eduard Farga. “The Indtech challenge is a distinctive proposition for start-ups focused on innovative solutions for the industrial sector and in the process of launching or expanding their business. Its distinctive value lies in several aspects: the way in which Girbau and Seidor's efforts complement one another, its practical approach to doing business by fitting together solutions and access to the top level of executive decision-making in two highly consolidated firms with an extensive international presence,” he adds. 

Indtech Challenge: a chance to scale up a start-up's business

Among the benefits to emerging businesses of taking part in the “Indtech Challenge”, highlights include access to commercial capacity and contact with experts and executives at the highest level, as well as the visibility provided by companies with a long and varied history in their respective sectors like Girbau and Seidor. Both companies have stated their wish to reach bilateral agreements with the different participants in order to achieve maximum benefits for all sides and forge a solid, long-term relationship. 

The collaboration programme with start-ups devised by Girbau and Seidor enjoys operational support from Foment Up, an initiative set up in order to promote entrepreneurship and back models for collaboration between consolidated companies and first-class start-ups.

Start-ups interested in taking part in this programme can send in their applications until 30th September 2018.

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