The Girbau family receives a “Bufí i Planas” award for social excellence
Pere, Toni & Teresa Girbau have been awarded the Joan Planas Prize in recognition of the capacity for accepting personal risk on behalf of the company
The Girbau family receives a “Bufí i Planas” award for social excellence

Brothers and sister Pere, Toni and Teresa Girbau have received a prize, awarded annually by the private foundation Bufí and Planas in recognition of the efforts made by companies to encourage a closer and more collaborative relationship between capital and labour. Specifically, the Girbau family has been recognised with the Joan Planas Award, which distinguishes entrepreneurs who have excelled in their personal capacity to take risks on behalf of the company to maintain or create jobs.

The award was accepted at a gala event held on Tuesday in Mataró (Barcelona), Spain, which reviewed the history of the Girbau Group and emphasised the internationalisation plan instigated in 1972, which put the family assets at stake, "an all or nothing gamble in which nothing would have meant the death of the company and the dismissal of its employees" was the assessment of the jury. Their decision also states that "the family, in an exemplary business initiative, made the decision to risk assets and profits to achieve their vision."

Teresa Girbau gave her thanks at the event and briefly reviewed the history of the company, which is now run by the third generation of the family. “The company's values and philosophy have been maintained and transmitted to the staff from generation to generation, thus forming an excellent, motivated and highly professional team.  The dignity and know-how of the individual have always been present,” insisted Teresa Girbau “and we believe that understanding, maintaining and conveying this message is what has made it possible for us to be here collecting this award”.

The event was attended by the three Girbau brothers and sister together with the Mayor of Vic, Josep Maria Vila d'Abadal who presented the award, Vic City Council’s Councillor for Economic Development, Josep M. Arimany, and a representation of Girbau’s Management and of the company’s Committee.

The Bufí i Planas Foundation (Fundación Privada Bufí i Planas) was established in 1997 as an initiative by the workers of the Euroquímica companies in Dosrius (Maresme), Spain devoted to producing special paints and coatings, in order to honour the memory of its founders, Joan Bufí and Joan Planas