Hygiene and disinfection
textile in laundries


It is the reduction of the number of microorganisms present by chemical agents and / or physical methods, to a level that does not compromise the health of the user or food (FAO)


Elimination or death of all the microorganisms that contains an object or substance

Transmission chain of infections

Disinfection methods

thermal textile disinfection THERMAL:

  • 15 minutes at 90-95°C
  • 20 minutes at 80-85°C

Chemistry textile disinfection CHEMISTRY:

  • Pure chemicals without water
  • Variable time according to type of disinfectant

Chemistry-thermal textile disinfection CHEMISTRY-THERMAL:

  • 10 minutes at 60°C
  • With 120 mg / l of chlorine or with active oxygen

Key points for correct disinfection

Temperature, time and product

Temperatura, tiempo y producto are the parameters that we are going to use appropriately to achieve maximum performance in the disinfection process.

Always according to the type of fabric we are going to process and taking into account the variation of the values of each factor.

Relationship of times and temperatures in the disinfection

We see in the graph as the best results of disinfection occur with washes of times between 12 and 18 minutes with temperatures of 85°C (185°F) and 95°C (203°F).

The Short wash times dramatically reduce optimal disinfection results.

Good laundry

  • Space must be distributed in three large areas: laundry selection area, washing area and cleaning area (drying, calendering and folding).
  • The washing machines should take up almost all the space: This way, if there is only space left to introduce the trolley containing the clothes that are going to be introduced in the machine at that moment, we will not be able to store trolleys containing dirty or clean clothes.
  • Two opposite doors in the laundry: A door for the entrance of the dirty clothes and another one for the exit of the clean clothes to avoid contamination, since the dirty clothes will never cross with the clean ones.
  • Selection in an enclosed space: The dirty clothes must be selected in an enclosed space separated from the rest of the floor, as well as having direct access to the washing area.
  • Clean area space: The trolleys of clean clothes waiting to be dried or calendered should be stored in a clean area space to reduce contamination.
  • Washing area separation: The washing area should be separated from the rest of the areas. In this way, we prevent air infections and improve the general comfort level in the rest of the laundry (reduction of noise, humidity, bad smells...).
  • Trolley folding and preparation area: it must be located in the area farthest from the washing area and closest to the exit area.
buenas prácticas: distribución lavandería



Autonomous laundry

No outsourcing processes

  • Prevents the contagion of the textile during the external movement
  • Protection of health personnel
  • Also applicable to EPI
  • Maximum disinfection security
  • Extends the durability of garments
  • Sustainable energy consumption and biodegradable detergency
  • For non-experts

The disinfection unit should incorporate a remote data logging system Sapphire that allows the traceability of all the data of disinfection of each of the batches processed.

Detergents should be provided of the certification as disinfectants and must be biodegradable.

Each unit would incorporate an automatic dosing system that eliminates the manipulation of detergents by the staff.


Equipment Uniforms
HS6008 - ED260 42 /hour
HS6013 - ED260 65 /hour
HS6017 - ED340 84 /hour
HS6024 - ED460 112 /hour

Example: The base is the propylene uniforms of 150 grs. of weight.

A totally scalable system to any production needs.

Washer HS

Washer HS textile disinfection

Aqua Mixer system: which guarantees the maintenance of the set temperature for the entire assigned time.

Disinfection guarantee: Control de la temperatura con una precisión de 1ºC.

Washing programs: Wet Cleaning system, detergents and disinfectants that take care of fabrics and extend the life of protective equipment.
The Wet Cleaning: system minimizes the spillage of micro polyester particles into the drain water.

Control: Intuitive operation for easy use. With the possibility of 9 different washing programs till 100. (Depending on the TDU model)

Installation: Outlet drain by pump which allows it to be installed in any space with a normal drain.

Dryer ED

Dryer ED textile disinfection

Control: Intuitive operation easy to use with pre-recorded programs.

Temperatura de secado: Ensuring that clothing will not be affected by high temperatures is vital so that clothing does not deteriorate.

Control humedad final: Operation and end of cycle by means of conductivity probes to ensure that the clothes remain damp.

Drying programs: The dryer incorporates Wet cleaning, drying programs, which combine low temperature and control over the movement of the drum to care for fabrics.

Installation: You need to extract the mists to the outside. Electric machine.


Sapphire in disinfection

Sapphire in disinfection

Control and verification of disinfection parameters.

Sapphire remote management software allows view all the cycles of the Girbau machines with the detail of temperature, water level, and cycle phases.

It allows you to create your own disinfection conditions, by temperature and time.

Each condition is assigned to each machine and program that requires it, will be notified when a cycle of washing has not fulfilled a disinfection condition.

Visually and quickly you can verify that all cycles have met the parameters of disinfection previously stipulated by the user.

This is what we understand as traceability of processes. Through the cycle history, it is also possible to consult the details of the cycles of the dryers.

COVID-19 Monitoring Package

Disinfection monitoring

To ensure correct disinfection during washing, Girbau has developed a disinfection solution integrated into the remote autonomous software Sapphire.

This allows to control and verify in the laundry all the disinfection parameters or to visualise the details of temperature, water or cycle phases of the machines.

At the same time, this technology enables to configure and create its disinfection conditions by applying a minimum temperature for a continuous-time to achieve optimal results in washing and disinfection by optimizing all resources.

Finally, if the configuration set up does not comply with the conditions and parameters for disinfection stipulated by the user himself, it is possible to verify this in the software quickly and easily.


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